Patents, Copyright and Know-how

Binstead Designs has been designing and manufacturing Projected Capacitance Keypads and Touchscreens since 1983,
     and has built up a wealth of knowledge and know-how, especially in the fields of:
     1)   Designing Projected Capacitance Products,
     2)   Designing manufacturing processes.
     3)   Improving Projected Capacitance Technology.

Binstead Designs has also developed a Portfolio of Patents:
     1)    to protect their Intellectual Property,
     2)    to manufacture Projected Capacitance Products,
     3)    to allow exploitation  through Licences , Joint Ventures , Contract Manufacturing , and Direct Sales.

Below is a list of some of the Patents owned by Binstead Designs.

     1)     Patent 1        Describes the invention of the first Projected Capacitance keypad, with an extension describing the first touchscreen applications.
     2)     Patent 2        Describes the use of fine wire and ITO in the first multiplexed touchscreen applications.
     3)     Patent 3        Describes methods for improving touch sensing in the Second Patent.
     4)     Patent 4        Describes an improvement in the Second Patent that allows multiple fingers, possibly hundreds, to be detected and tracked simultaneously.
      5)    Patent 5        Describes a simple touch-screen with all sensing elements running in one direction (x) only.
      6)    Patent 6        Describes a simple method for manufacturing touch-screens with fine wire embedded in a clear film.
      7)    Patent 7        Describes a way of reducing the number of terminations in a touch-screen and eliminating any connecting tracks along three sides.

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