Advantages of Projected Capacitance

Projected Capacitance has many advantages over other technologies.

1)  The sensing elements are very simple, and inexpensive. 

2)  The technology can be protected inside, or behind a very tough sheet of glass, or other non-conducting material.

3)  The technology will work indoors or outdoors, in rain, snow,  and other harsh environmental conditions.

4) No bezel is required, with nothing fixed to, or above,  the user surface.

5) No electronics or pcbs need be attached to the supporting touch surface.

6) The sensing material can be paper thin, and can be rolled up, and even folded or creased without any functional damage.

7) Works, even if the supporting surface is severely scratched or even shattered, so long as it still holds together.

8) Sensing surface can be Flat, Curved, Spherical, Deformable, Inflatable/Deflatable, or any simple or complex shape.

9) Very wide operating temperature range.

10) Several different sensing element materials may be used in the one product
      -  e.g. may use copper wire, embedded in opaque plastic, in the touch-interactive case, linking to ITO, embedded in clear plastic, in the touchscreen area.

11) Manufacture is readily automated .

12) Can sense through any slightly conducting or non-conducting material - such as wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, plastic,

13) Can sense through thin glass, thick glass, double, or triple glazing.

14) Works through existing glass panels, with nothing fitted on the user side of the glass - no special glass needed.
        (will not work, however, through highly conductive glass, such as Pilkington K without some modification to the glass).

15) Sensing elements can be Vacuum Formed, Injection Moulded, or moulded in Fibre Glass.

16) May be very small through to very large - from 2 inches to over 100 inches.

17) Consumes very little power - can be powered from the USB port.

18) Very simple/low cost controller electronics module.

19) Does not drift out of calibration.

20) May be mounted vertically, or horizontally , or anywhere in between.

21) Works with single touch and multiple touch.

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